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ASP Information for 2023-2024 

In an effort to provide your child with the best possible experience in the After School Program (ASP) while also keep staffing costs manageable, we are making some procedural changes that will allow us to know in advance how many students we can expect in the Program each day.  Previously, parents could sign up for ASP up until 10:00 a.m. on the day they wanted their child to attend, which made scheduling the correct number of ASP workers difficult (and as a result, led to turnover in ASP staff as some sought more reliable hours/schedules elsewhere). 

Beginning in 2023-2024, ASP is a PREPAID program. Therefore, parents must schedule their children for ASP in advance by 11:59 PM on Sunday for the upcoming week. This will allow for adequate staffing of the program, and will also ensure student safety. ASP usage needed after the weekly deadline is considered "drop-in" or emergency care and will be charged accordingly. 

Fee Schedule

Weekly Rate $12/day (must pay for FULL week at first time of purchase)
Daily Rate  $15/day (if paying for individual days of the week)
Drop-In Rate $20/day (if registering your child AFTER 11:59 PM Sunday for the upcoming week)
Late Pick-Up (after 6:00 PM) $15/15 minutes (per child) 


ASP fees may be paid online at the web store located at using a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card or American Express.  By creating an account and linking their students to the account, parents will also be able to view prior purchase and payment history. Parents must designate which dates students will attend after school and also be able to view all after school purchases. Please note that breakfast and/or lunch money must NOT be included with ASP payments. Balances remaining in ASP accounts at the end of the school year will be rolled over to the next school year if the student is remaining at the current school. 


QR Codes for Hasty Elementary's After School Program


All parents will need to complete a one-time registration form for their child.

Click HERE to access Hasty Elementary School's ASP registration form. 


ASP Information:


  • Any elementary-aged student attending a CCSD elementary school is eligible to attend that school’s ASP.  This excludes half-day or special education pre-school students and all (full day) Georgia Lottery PreK students.
  • Parents or legal guardians must register their child or children by completing a registration form and signing the notification letter (linked above). If there are any address/contact information changes, the parent or legal guardian of the participating student must notify ASP staff of changes.
  • Students must be enrolled in ASP in order to participate in classes/activities offered by the Service Providers (outside vendors).

Program Times

  • ASP begins at the time of the school’s dismissal and extends until 6:00 PM.

Fee Schedules, Payments

  • ASP is a PREPAID program.
  • Parents must pre-designate and pre-pay for ASP participation by the week (i.e., “everyday”, “M/W/F”). This is done for the safety of students by pre-determining staff coverage needs, as well as ensuring that students that should stay in ASP do not board the bus and go home to an unsupervised situation.
  • ASP tuition is $12 per day if used daily, $15 per day if used less than a full week. Tuition must be paid in advance.  Money or notification of participation received after the designated time/weekday will cause the student to be considered as a drop-in and parents will be charged $20 for that day.
  • Checks must be made payable to the school for the exact amount and include only ASP payments. 
  • Breakfast and/or lunch money must not be included with the ASP payment.
  • Parents will be notified of any returned checks. Permission will be obtained from the parent for re-depositing the returned check.  If a check is returned for non-sufficient funds a second time, future payment will be on a “cash-only” basis.
  • For purposes of personal income tax credits, parents are responsible for retaining all receipts.


  • Only persons approved and designated on the registration form will be allowed to sign out/pick up your child—this is for the protection of your child! PHOTO IDENTIFICATION WILL BE REQUIRED.
  • Each/every student not picked up by 6:00 p.m. (according to the school’s clock) will be charged a late fee of $15 for each 15-minute portion/increment (i.e., 6:01-6:15 p.m. = $15. 6:16-6:30 p.m. = $30).
  • Failure to pick up a child by 7:00 p.m. will be considered an emergency situation, and a call will be placed by ASP staff to the CCSD School Police (or 911) on behalf of the student. Students may be withdrawn from the program upon a third late pick-up.  All parents/guardians are encouraged to have an emergency backup person in order to avoid these types of situations.


  • To ensure the safety and security of all students in ASP, a program safety plan is reviewed and utilized on an annual basis. ASP coordinators are authorized to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency should an emergency occur which threatens the welfare of a child.


  • ASP is a support program and your child is expected to behave properly.
  • Students must comply with the discipline policies laid out in the CCSD Student/Parent Handbook & Discipline Code and the individual school discipline policy.
  • Inappropriate/disruptive behavior may result in suspension or withdrawal of your child.


  • Students will be suspended or withdrawn from the ASP for the following reasons: (a) Excessive Late Pick-up (3 times), (b) Discipline Problems (3 times), and (c) Nonpayment of Fees and/or Late Pick up Fees.

Inclement Weather

  • If school is closed or dismisses early due to inclement weather (or any other reason), the school’s ASP will also close for the day. In such a case, the school will follow the instructions given to your child’s homeroom teacher on his/her Inclement Weather form.  ASP personnel will be responsible for any further parent contacts for the pick-up of ASP students.  Parents should also note that designated ASP personnel will remain at the school during such a closing to insure all students have been picked up by the parent, guardian, or authorized designee.


In order to ensure each family has a working description of this year’s ASP program, all parents/legal guardians with students participating in ASP are required to read and sign for the ASP Parent Information Letter.


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