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About Hasty Elementary School

Welcome to Hasty Elementary Fine Arts Academy!

This site is representative of our school, its personality, and what we have to offer for our students. It also contains information for parents, students, and the community.

At HASES we have built a community within our school where teachers, students, parents, and administration work together to provide an educational setting that is conducive to effective learning and understanding. In addition to all the excellent teaching and learning that takes place in our school, we are also a Fine Arts Academy School so we have developed a curriculum that integrates the arts into our academic curriculum to bring creativity, innovation, and arts integration into the classroom across all content areas. These strategies promote 21st-century skills, critical and creative thinking, student achievement, and academic growth.

Our mission at Hasty Elementary Fine Arts Academy is to provide students with a quality education in a caring and safe environment. 


The History of Hasty Elementary Fine Arts Academy

Growth in Cherokee County over the past 15 years has been tremendous. The city of Canton is no exception. In 1990 the city’s population was 4,853 and in 2000 it was up to 7,780. This was an increase of 60% with no signs of slowing. In a county that originally was proud of small community schools, the trend has been to build larger schools to make education economically feasible. William G. Hasty Sr. Elementary School is the first of these large schools to be built in the city limits of Canton. Originally intended to house 1,200 students, it contains 65 regular-size classrooms, 2 music rooms, 2 art rooms, 2 computer labs, a 6,171 square-foot media center, a 7,325 square-foot cafetorium (cafeteria and auditorium combined), and the list could continue. It is a beautiful state-of-the-art facility with every advantage being thought of and built-in from the beginning.

Before Hasty Elementary opened its doors on August 1, 2005, the two primary elementary schools educating students living in the city limits were Canton and Tippens. Both schools were community institutions in their own right and had deep roots in the culture and history of Canton. Canton Elementary had a population of approximately 620 students and Tippens had approximately 280 students. In the spring of 2005, the decision was made by the Board of Education to combine the two elementary schools to form the base for Hasty Elementary. Students from two new large developments were also included in the Hasty boundaries allowing Hasty to open its doors with an enrollment of 1,150 students. Since opening, the population has burgeoned to over 1,450 students with several mobile units being added to accommodate all 2nd and 4th-grade students.

Hasty’s overcrowding was relieved in 2008 with the addition of two new elementary schools in the Canton area. Hasty Elementary currently serves approximately 1000 students aged Pre-K through fifth grade. Hasty also has the distinction of serving as a Fine Arts Academy.